1. What is the life expectancy of a TPO roof?

TPO roofing is only three decades old, and its method of installation has improved, so it may last longer than 30 years.  For success, it is vital that the material is properly installed and well maintained.  

2. How is a TPO cleaned and maintained?

2. For maximum roof life, we recommend that you call us for a free inspection every two years or if there is some sort of issue or a big storm.

3. On what surface is the TPO attached.
Introducing our innovative cover board solution for your TPO roofing needs. Say goodbye to worries about puncture resistance and long-term durability. Our ¼-inch gypsum board provides a solid backing that enhances the strength and resilience of your roof, ensuring optimal protection for your investment. Trust TPO Roofer to deliver excellence, always keeping you dry and secure.
4. How is the amount of material calculated?

All roofers price materials in terms of “squares,” and one square equals one hundred square feet.

5. What affects the price of an installation?

We understand the importance of finding the right contractor for your project, and that’s why we recommend obtaining at least three written estimates. When it comes to TPO roofing, the price can vary based on several factors. These include the season of installation, the chosen brand, the labor required, and the installation method. Additionally, whether the TPO roof will be installed over your existing roof or if a removal is necessary will impact the overall cost. At TPO Roofer, we prioritize your satisfaction and aim to provide cost-effective and durable roofing solutions. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to keep your investment safe and secure. Choose TPO Roofer – Always Dry, Always Reliable!

6. What sort of issues affect the protection?
When it comes to safeguarding your commercial property from the elements, it’s essential to choose a reputable contractor like TPO Roofer! With our proven track record, you can have peace of mind knowing that your TPO roof installation will be handled by experts. Don’t leave the protection of your investment to chance – trust TPO Roofer for cost-effective and durable roofing solutions. Always Dry, Always Reliable!
7. What makes for a successful installation?
At TPO Roofer, we understand that the performance of your TPO membrane relies on proper installation. That’s why we ensure it is fully adhered to and mechanically attached, guaranteeing optimal performance throughout its lifetime. Efficient draining is also crucial, which is why we pay close attention to the proper roof slope. Our skilled technicians apply adhesives with accuracy, leaving no room for error. To ensure leak-free seams, we utilize an appropriate seam welder and inspect welds using a seam probe. Additionally, we meticulously connect the drip edge around your roof’s perimeter. We believe that a good warranty is an essential ingredient of your TPO roofing system. That’s why we offer two types of warranties: Manufacturer’s Warranty, which covers any manufacturing defects in your roofing materials, and Contractor’s Warranty, which protects the workmanship involved in the installation. Trust TPO Roofer for a reliable and long-lasting roofing solution. Always Dry!
8. Is TPO better than EPDM roofing?

These two roofing options are similar, but TPO has stronger and more durable seams which adhere to the roof, making it a favorable option. EPDM is not weldable, while TPO is, making its seams more resistant to leaks.

9. How does TPO compare to PVC?

TPO provides superior puncture resistance and less environmental impact. Both are excellent products, so your decision should be based on which meets your long-term needs best. PVC is brittle, while TPO isn’t—contributing to its longevity and moisture resistance.

10. What colors can I choose for my TPO roofing?

TPO typically comes in white, black, and gray. It can also be found in various shades of gray, brown, green, red, tan, and gold.

11. What about its energy efficiency?
White or black? The color of your TPO membrane matters. In warm and sunny climates, choose white TPO membranes for their efficient heat reflection. If your commercial property is in a cooler climate, opt for black TPO membranes to insulate against the cold. At TPO Roofer, we offer a range of colors to suit your needs. With our reliable and durable TPO roofing solutions, you can trust us to keep your property protected. Always Dry! Explore The Ultimate Guide to TPO Roofing for more information.